Letro Signs is dedicated to excellence in customer satisfaction and service andbuilding
long-term relationships with customers through customer support.The mission of
Letro Signs is to become the lead provider of signage within the South africa.



Letro Signs vision is to be the leader in the sign writing industry and related services.
We will earn our customers' interest through continuous improvement driven by teamwork, integrity
and innovation of the Letro Signs Your secunda sign company

It all started in the year 1983, when Vernon George Ortell, a young man in Kimberly, set about
making signs to provide an income for his family. He learnt how to make signs from available materials.
Vernon relocated to Kinross in Mpumalanga and continued with his business. Since then he has built
a credible reputation as a creative signage and design company, which successfully targets both
business and leisure markets.




Letro Signs provides branding services for individuals and businesses of all types.
The advertising industry is continuously revolutionising and developing, which may lead
to an increase in demand for individuals and businesses to advertise all over South Africa using the current trends. Letro Signs intends on capitalising on this need.